Faces of Nature

Fear the Escape

Fear the Disconnect

Nature's Gift





Fear the Escape, Is symbolic to my fear of drowning. This piece resembles beauty within fear. I illustrate the water suffocating the face. I use ornamentation of moss to represent the beauty and dream like quality of the piece. I want to connect the idea of irony that fear can be beautiful to the viewer.
Fear the Disconnect, Is a visual representation of my fear of humanity losing connection to nature. In this piece I explore the concept that technology and consumerism is keeping us from staying in tune and connected to what is natural. I place the face of an unknown person in the middle; the unknown person is to symbolize humanity as a whole. The face is surrounded by bark like texture that symbolizes nature. Ironically the face is taken over by the natural setting. I am purposely being ironic to show the viewer the lost connection, and the opposite of what is truly happening.
Natures gift, is my acceptance of death and the shared anxiety of the inevitable end of life. The face is placed in a bowl to represent materialism; I place a bow around the decaying face to illustrate that everyone will receive this gift. There is a tension created by the irony of this piece as the viewer discovers that the beautiful bow that creates negative space is a resemblance of what they fear most.



Ceramic, Clay