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Societal Trophy I

Societal Trophy II

Societal Trophy II (View 2)

Skin And Tissue (view 1)

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Parts Totem (View 2)

Parts Totem

Morticians Sink

morticians sink




Societal trophy I, Is part of a conceptual series in which I explore anatomical forms in a grotesque way. I place a Human heart onto a wooden plaque as if it is a prize or trophy. A heart to humans resembles the essence of life that is why I have mutilated this heart and hung it on a plaque to create social commentary about the controlling nature of humans and the need to be the triumphant species. I play with the irony of the wooden plaque, which in American society usually holds an animal’s head to signify the hunters’ prize. The way I have chosen to execute this piece I bring the irony and wrong doing to the viewer.
Societal Trophy II has the same concept as societal trophy I, although now I have taken parts of the intestine and stomach to create a social commentary of the controlling nature of a capitalist government and the disharmony between man and what is natural. Both pieces have underlying messages of animal rights.
Skin Bowl is a play on what is domestic; the bowl is the symbol of what is domestic. A bowl is a common household object usually found in a kitchen setting. The bowl is a visual representation of a vagina; I am playing with the idea of gender roles that society has placed on women. This domestic bowl has many meaning but most important is that society has placed this domestic role onto women.
Parts Left over totem, I place mutilated parts of the human body into a linear design. This is a metaphysical resemblance of the disharmony we have in the world in which we live. This piece is questioning the way we treat each other and the way we interact and treat nature. Essentially I am questioning war and the destruction of the world, which leads to destruction of the self that happens in wartime. Each piece of the totem was crafted in a way that considers design, space, and color I feel that this is my most mature work because of the craftsmanship and the intellectual thought and symbolism that it stands for. My art does not speak for its self, my art is a vehicle that is use to display my thoughts and concerns.



Sculpture, Ceramics, Clay