Taylar Main

Ceramics Rochester, NY

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My current sculptural work examines the conflict of the societal structure in capitalist America and the denial of our connection to the natural world. I display the conflict through human anatomical forms by placing them in a new environment. My artwork is intended to represent the aftermath of modern capitalist thought and theories. I illustrate my anxieties and fears of what industrial and capitalist governments do to the world in which we live, through irony and social commentary. I specifically am disturbed by animal cruelty, gender roles, consumerism, the destruction of natural resources, along with the controlling nature that a capitalist government creates. I draw my inspiration from social issues, medical illustrations, the works of Sue Coe, James Ensor, and Hannah Hoch. I feel a spiritual connection to clay and the traditional process of creating artwork with clay. With clay I can represent the forms of my ideas three-dimensionally, which brings my work to the viewers attention in which pushes my work to a new level of social commentary.



Art Walk, Geneva Night Out, Geneva Night Out - Geneva, NY


Group, Nazareth College Undergrad Art Show, Nazareth College Arts Center - Rochester, NY


Festival, Emerging Artists, Cornhill Arts Festival - Rochester, NY


Group, Nazareth College Undergraduate Show, Nazareth Arts Center - Rochester, NY


Group, FLCC Student Show, William-Insalaco Gallery 34 - Canandaigua, NY